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Services & Education


Coming soon, Wings of Nature is developing educational offerings for beekeepers new and old. Building off a decade of deep ecological observation and being in relationship with bees, our short courses will offer:

  • Insight into honey bee biology, life cycles, and health

  • Basic hive management, including light touch treatments and seasonal considerations

  • Queen breeding for hive regeneration, including a practical how-to approach, influenced by our research on breeding for mite-resistance and gentleness, with lots of stories from decades of raising our own queens.

Public Speaking
Public Speaking

In addition to scheduled classes throughout the Bay Area, Wings of Nature’s founder, Aiden Wing, is available to speak on many bee-related topics and offers a perspective of nature-informed beekeeping, bee health, queen rearing, and more. 


A natural storyteller and teacher, Aidan’s style is engaging and accessible, but deeply informational. With experience working with a range of audiences, Aidan’s knowledge is accessible to all.  Aidan is a regular speaker at conferences, festivals, beekeeping clubs, and schools and universities. Contact Aidan directly for scoping topics and goals for your public speaking engagement. And he might be convinced to bring his guitar as well.

Educational Internship

Want to dive deep into the world of professional beekeeping?  One of the best educational experiences is to roll up your sleeves with Wings of Nature Bees on-site in Pescadero.  Contact us about internship opportunities for a range of time periods. No experience pre-requisites, but love of bees and nature are required.


NOTE:  Currently recruiting for a Spring 2023 intern (ideally 2-3 months of commitment to working with our bees in the high-season of queen rearing and bee breeding).  You’d live in the beautiful mountains of Coastal California, spending long days in the sun with bees in organic farms along California’s Highway One and into San Jose, learning the ins and outs of breeding, hive maintenance, and readying nuc boxes and packages for sale.  This is an unpaid internship opportunity, with compensation in the form of deep knowledge.


Whether you have one hive or a large apiary, Wings of Nature beekeepers can help you accomplish your beekeeping goals. We have helped many backyard beekeepers to understand the inner workings of the hive and administer a comprehensive management plan.  We have worked with orchardists and financial investment companies to plan larger apiaries, as well as small backyard beekeepers who are just getting started.  Let us know how we can help you by providing a range of bespoke services for your own bee journey.

Hive Maintainance
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