Whether you have one hive or a large apiary, our professional beekeepers can help you accomplish your goals.  We have helped many backyard beekeepers to understand the inner workings of the hive and administer and best management plan.  We have worked with orchardists and financial investment companies to plan larger apiaries.  Let us know how we can help you.  

Public Speaking



We are available to speak on many bee related topics.  We have spoke at conferences, festivals and beekeeping clubs.  We also offer private classes and school visits.  

Hive Maintenance Program

Have you ever wanted to have bees in your own backyard? Taste your very own truly local natural honey? Have superb pollination for your veggies, flowers, and trees? Do your part for the environment and help save the bees?


Have you wanted to do these things, but don’t want to learn the vast art and science of beekeeping, get sticky or get stung?  


Now you can have your own bees with Wings of Nature’s Hive Maintenance Program.  


When you purchase a beehive and maintenance package from Wings of Nature we will help you select a fitting location on your property to put your hive.  We will deliver you your bees and set up your hive. After that, we will visit your property periodically to maintain your bees optimal health, and harvest honey.   

Please contact us for more information




Want to dive deep into the world of professional beekeeping?  Please contact us about our 2022 internship.