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Backyard Mini-Apiary


Have hive in you own back yard without getting sticky or stung!


Have you ever wanted to have bees in your own backyard? Taste your very own truly local natural honey? Have superb pollination for your veggies, flowers and trees? Do your part for the environment and help save the bees?

Have you wanted to do these things, but don’t want to learn the vast art and science of beekeeping, get sticky or get stung?  


Now you can have your own bees with Wings of Nature’s - Backyard Mini-Apiary.


When you purchase a maintenance package from Wings of Nature, we will help you select a fitting location on your property for hives, will deliver your new bees, and will get you all set up!  After that, we will visit your property periodically to maintain your bees for optimal health and harvest honey.   


On-going maintenance services include: 

  • Hive inspections 

  • Check queen health

  • Maintain proper spacing in hive

  • Swarm prevention 

  • Honey harvesting 

  • Supplemental organic feeding and treatment (if necessary)


In addition to receiving 100% of the honey your hives produce, you’ll also receive:

  • Excellent pollination for your garden, flowers and fruit trees

  • The pleasure of enjoying and observing your own very bees in this way of life

  • Opportunity to create a relationship with bees regardless of your knowledge 

  • Positive contribution to solving the global bee crisis

Wings of Nature is the Bay Area's premiere beekeeping service.  With 15 years of experience our master beekeepers will make sure to optimize productions and health of your bees.   We are renown for the superior and locally adapted genetics of our honey bees, which has come with years and years selective and conscientious breeding practices.  Let your hive shine with Wings of Nature's - Backyard Mini-Apiary.

Contact us today for information, pricing and to set up a site inspection.

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