Pick Up

Mid-May Pescadero CA


  • a young and proven queen bee

  • at least 4 frames full of worker bees

  • at least 2  1/2 frames of brood

  • sufficient honey and pollen stores

  • 5 frames and a cardboard nuc box

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California Queens


Queens available for local pick-up or shipping April – August 


  • 1 through 4 – $50

  • 5 through 9 – $42

  • 10 through 19 – $38

  • 20+- inquire - by arrangement

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What makes our bees special?



Breeding Program:

At the heart of Wings of Nature is our queen breeding program.  For almost a decade we have engaged in selective honey bee breeding.  At Wings of Nature we believe that there is an internal and external world of honey bee health, and while the external environment is difficult to influence, we can work directly with the bees to help bring out their own genetic strengths.   We are blessed to keep our bees in a natural and isolated region so that we can have a stronger influence over our open-mated queen bees and their drone counterparts.   We have developed a breeding system that utilizes the entirety of beehives in our care as participants in our sampling and selection process.   At Wings of Nature we select for:

  • Resilience

  • Mite-resistence

  • Gentleness

  • Productivity 

  • General wellbeing  (Aidan's scale)

What 'race' of honey bees we sell

We are often asked what 'race' or 'sub-species' of honey bees we keep.  We select our bees based on behavioral traits and desirable attributes.  We do not base our selection on the physical characteristics that define sub-species such as coloration.  


We breed 'Mite-Resistant'  bees.  There is no such thing as 'Mite-Proof' bees.  By tracking the natural mite resistance in our colonies over many years we have been able to select from stock that shows outstanding resistance to mite infestations.  The complicated relationship between mites and bees is still in its infancy, and they are still leagues away from finding an equilibrium.  Mite resistant genetics should be used as a key factor in a larger Integrated Pest Management plan.  

Locally adapted stock

We keep and breed bees in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We strive to keep bees that thrive in our environment.  The Mediterranean Climate poses special challenges and opportunities for honey bees.  We make our breeding selections of the bees that thrive here.  Some of our stock originates from feral hives that have survived unmanaged in these mountains for decades.  We believe that using locally adapted stock is a key factor in improving our nations honey bee health.  


The difference between packages and nucs:

A nuc is made by taking bees and brood from a production colony and adding a un-hatched queen cell.   The queen cell then hatches, the queen mates and begins to lay her own progeny.  Nuc is short for 'nucleus', because it is the nucleus of a hive.   A nuc is an already established hive with a queen, bees of all ages, brood of all ages, pollen stores, honey stores and drawn comb.  If you keep bees is standard beekeeping equipment, also known as 'Langstroth Hives' a nuc is the way to go.  We also offer nucs on medium size frames.  Ask us about bulk discounts.  

Package bees are a package of 3 pounds of bees with a mated queen.  Another word for package bees is "shook swarm" because bees are shaken out of the hive to mimic a swarm.  We are offering package bees because many of of customers keep bees in top bar, Warre, cathedral and other hive styles that nucs with their standard size frames are uncompatable with. 

Let your queens shine!