Queen bees

California Queens

Queens available for local pick-up or shipping April – July


We also do custom queen cell orders (pickup only)

Limited availability


  • 1 through 4 – $40
  • 5 through 9 – $35
  • 10 through 24 – $30
  • 25 through 49 -$27.50
  • 50+ $25


Order information: 

Local pick-up on Wednesdays  –   Santa Cruz at 4:00    &    Los Altos Hills at 5:30

Please call to reserve your queen(s).  You can pay In cash at time of pick-up.

For shipping please call for information

To place orders please email;   wingsofnaturebees@gmail.com

or call  650 862 8322


What makes our queens special?


Our queens are hand-selected from mothers whose performance shines.  All our breeder queens go through a rating process where they are evaluated for these qualities;

  • Survivability
  • Resilience
  • Mite-resistence
  • Gentleness
  • Honey production
  • Hygienic behavior


Our queens are raised in mating nucs that are larger then the industry standard, and are left in their mating nucs for a full 21 days.  This gives the queens time to fully develop their pheromone and increases acceptance into the hive.  We raise our queens in isolated mating yards at 2000 feet, amongst the rolling meadows and oak woodlands on the East side of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  They have access to an abundance of natural nectar and pollen, and plentiful drones from hand-selected mother colonies.

Let your queens shine!