Now taking orders for 2018 nucs!!!

Ready for pick-up April 21st in Los Altos Hills California


Order now while supplies last!

To order a nuc please click the link below!

Once you place your order we will send you a confirmation email.  We will be in touch as we draw closer to the sale date to finalize any details.

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What you get when you order a Wings of Nature nuc;

  • A young and proven queen bee
  • at least 3 1/2 frames of worker bees
  • at least 2 1/2 frames of brood
  • Sufficient honey and pollen stores
  • 5 frames and a cardboard nuc box

If you are interested in larger orders please contact us about bulk discounts.

We take pride in our bees and the bees we sell.  We have a 30 day return policy.  After that there are so many factors that effect colony health that we cannot take responsibility for your hive.

We also offer a delivery and installation service.  Email us if you are interested.


We do not sell the equipment necessary to house your nuc.  For boxes, bottom boards, lids, frames, smokers, bee suits and all other beekeeping equipment please visit our friends at:




What is a Nuc?

Nuc stands for “nucleus colony”.  It is basically a starter hive.  A nuc contains 5 frames of bees and brood with adequate pollen and honey stores. A nuc also contains a mature queen bee.  When a nuc is placed into a standard hive it will continue to grow and fill out the entire hive.  Many commercial and hobbyist beekeepers use nucs as their main means to start new hives.

Why buy a nuc instead of package bees?

Package bees are 3 to 4 pounds of bulk bees with a queen contained in a screened box.  It is a very common way to begin a beehive.  When you buy a package of bees you have no way to know the quality of the queen until three weeks later when her first brood starts to emerge.  Sometimes package bees have been know to abscond from the box that the beekeeper is trying to hive them in. A nuc would never do that because of the brood pheromone in the hive.  When you buy a package it may be made up of numerous bees from different hives and an unrelated queen.  A nuc is made up of all sister bees with their own queen mother.  This helps with queen acceptance, and over all cohesiveness.  Survival rates favor nucs to packages.  A package begins its introduction to your beehive with no food stores, or brood.  By the time the first round of brood has emerge, almost a month later, many of the original bees will have died, leaving the hive to build up from a very small population.  Nucs already contain all stages of brood.  Once introduced the queen will start laying immediately, and the population will begin to grow, providing more bees to raise brood, fill up stores and put up a honey crop.

I have a top bar hive.  Can I put a nuc in it?

All standard nucs are made up of five rectangular frames from a “Langstoth” hive.  Unfortunately they are not interchangeable with top bars.  The most common way to start a top bar hive is with package bees or a swarm.  We hope to offer top-bar nucs at some point, but were not there yet.

Why should I buy a nuc from Wings of Nature?

Wings of Nature seeks to only sell top quality bees.  Our queens are left in our nucs longer then the standard (to make sure she is a good queen and for her to fully develop all her pheromones), and all nucs are given a final inspection before being sold.  The queens we use are from our locally-adapted stock and well suited to Bay Area beekeeping.